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Utilizing chinese language Synonyms is a necessary reference publication, in particular designed for non-native audio system of chinese language, and for academics and different language execs who desire a easy consultant to the finer nuances of chinese language synonyms. It comprises nearly 1700 synonyms in 316 teams. With the actual wishes of non-native audio system of chinese language in brain, this worthwhile ebook selects and explains phrases and words in daily use, permitting scholars to augment their wisdom of 1 of crucial and widely-spoken languages on the planet. This ebook assists within the improvement of fluent, spontaneous and skilful use of chinese language synonyms.

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If related topic, 䲔Ҷ might be positioned prior to or after the topic of the 1st clause; if various matters, 䲔Ҷ has a tendency to be positioned ahead of the topic of the 1st clause) FK~OH«\ӿZjL other than (oft. 䲔Ҷ«ԕཆ, « 䲔Ҷ«ԕཆ ph. 䜭« EHVLGHV RIW 䲔(Ҷ « 2A ԕཆˈ«䘈/ ҏ/ ৸/ ਚ« ԕཆ could be passed over or changed through ཆ/ ѻཆ) other than 䲔Ҷሿ⦻ˈབྷᇦ䜭ᶕҶDŽ བྷᾬ䟼䲔Ҷ䛓њᮉᇔ䘈ᔰ⵰䰘ˈ࡛Ⲵ䜭‫⵰ޣ‬DŽ 䲔ҶⴻҖˈԆ䘈ௌ⅒ੜ丣ҀDŽ Ԇᇦሿ⤇䲔Ҷௌ⅒৫⋣䗩ˈҏᑨᑨ઼Ԇа䎧 ৫⡜ኡDŽ 䲔Ҷ৫᯵⑨ⲴˈᡁԜ䜭ᶕ৲࣐ԆⲴ⭏ᰕᲊՊҶDŽ 䲔ҶྩⲴྸྸˈ⋑ᴹӪௌ⅒ྩᴰ䘁ࡊ䇔䇶Ⲵ ⭧ᴻ৻DŽ 䲔Ҷ֐৫䈧Ԇˈ⋑ᴹ࡛Ⲵ࣎⌅DŽ 䲔Ҷ㤩᷌ˈԆ৸ҠҶаᯔ㪑㨴DŽ 䲔Ҷ≹䈝ˈྩਚՊ䈤㤡䈝ҶDŽ Ԇ䲔Ҷ≹䈝ԕཆˈ࡛ⲴӰѸ䜭нՊҶDŽ 䲔ҶԆ⋑ᶕԕཆˈᡁԜ䜭ᶕҶDŽ 㣡ഝ䟼䲔Ҷ㣡㥹ԕཆˈ䘈ᴹйἥṁDŽ ᡁ⇿ཙ䲔к䈮ԕཆˈҏᑨ৫䭫⛬䓛փDŽ 䲔Ҷᑞᡁ༽Ґ࣏䈮ཆˈԆ৸ᢺԆⲴ⭥㝁ُ 㔉ᡁ⭘DŽ 䘉њሿ䭷䲔Ҷࠐњ୶ᓇѻཆˈਚᴹањሿ 依侶‫ݯ‬ҶDŽ be aware: ¾ 䲔Ҷ« ቡᱟ/ ‫ׯ‬ᱟ«µ«RU«¶DVLQ Ԇ⇿ཙ䲔Ҷ்䞂, ቡᱟⶑ㿹. ¾ 䲔䶎« ੖ࡉ IԁX]p«µXQOHVVFRQGLWLRQRWKHUZLVH«¶DVLQ 䲔䶎֐৫䈧Ԇ, ੖ࡉԆᱟнՊᶕⲴ. FKԃFiQJ ۘ㯿 v. to shop FKԃEqL ༷ۘ v. 3-2 D to order (usu. concrete goods) (ۘ to shop up, ༷ to organize) FKԃFiQJ ۘ㯿 v. 3-2 D to shop, to include (natural assets; usu. loads of concrete goods) (㯿, to conceal) FKԃF~Q ۘᆈ v. 3-2 D to save lots of (money, and so forth. ), to shop and guard (ᆈ, to maintain) 䘉Ӌь㾯ᱟᡁҠᶕ༷ۘⲴˈ൘⋑ᴹ⭥Ⲵᰦ ‫⭘ى‬DŽ 䘉⅑ࠪ⎧ᰦ䰤䮯ˈᡁԜ㾱ཊ༷ۘаӋ≤DŽ Ԇᇦ䟼ᙫᱟ༷ۘаӋਲ਼ⲴDŽ ൠлᇔۘ㯿Ҷнቁྭ䞂DŽ 䘉⿽ⲭ㨌н㜭䮯ᵏۘ㯿DŽ 䛓䟼ۘ㯿⵰ѠᇼⲴ䫱ⸯ WLČNXjQJLURQRUH DŽ ᡁᇦⲴ䞂ۘ㯿൘ൠлᇔDŽ ԆѪᆙᆀԕਾкབྷᆖۘᆈҶнቁ䫡DŽ 㤩᷌∄䖳ᇩ᱃ۘᆈDŽ ߜཙᘛࡠҶˈཊۘᆈ⛩‫ⲭݯ‬㨌䗷ߜDŽ FKXƗQ ク sixty three 䘉⿽≤᷌нᇩ᱃ۘᆈˈྲ᷌ۘᆈᗇнྭˈᖸ ᘛቡн㜭ਲ਼ҶDŽ F~QFKԃ ᆈۘ v. 3-2 N/A to shop, to memorise (a technical ԆⲴҖᆈۘ൘‫ ⴈݹ‬JXƗQJSiQODVHUGLVN  䟼DŽ observe, in most cases concerning laptop ⭥㝁ਟԕᆈۘᖸཊь㾯DŽ and electronics expertise) ᆈۘ൘‫ⴈݹ‬䟼ⲴᱟԆⲴҖDŽ ‫ⴈݹ‬ਟԕ⭘ᶕᆈۘؑ᚟ [uQ[ƯLQIRUPDWLRQ DŽ FKXƗQ ク v. to put on FKXƗQ ク v. 2A to put on, to place on (clothes, sneakers, socks, and so forth. ; yet now not hats) (reduplication: A(а)A) (antonym: 㝡 WXǀ ྩクҶаᶑ㓒㼉ᆀˈᖸ┲ӞDŽ 䶻઼㻌ᆀ䜭ཚሿˈԆクн䘋৫DŽ ᘛᢺ㺓ᴽクྭˈᡁԜ䈕䎠ҶDŽ ԆӺཙクᗇᖸᮤ喀ˈ䐏ԕࡽнаṧDŽ ཆ䗩ᖸߧˈԆᢺཆ㺓㝡лᶕ㔉‫ݯ‬ᆀクкҶDŽ Ӻཙ֐クнク䘉Ԧк㺓˛ ᶕˈ֐ク(а)ク䘉ԦⴻⴻDŽ dài ᑖ v. 2A to hold with oneself, to take, to convey QRWQHFHVVDULO\RQRQH¶V physique; a standard time period with a variety of utilization) Ԇ䓛кᑖҶнቁ䫡ˈഐѪ㾱Ҡᖸཊь㾯DŽ 䘉⅑ࠪ৫᯵㹼ˈԆ㹼ᵾᑖᗇнཊDŽ ֐ॳз࡛ᘈҶᢺ伎ᵪ⾘ᑖкDŽ ֐ᶕᡁᇦⲴᰦ‫ˈى‬䈧ᢺ䛓ᵜҖ㔉ᡁᑖᶕDŽ ֐䘉⅑৫ѝഭˈᑖ֐Ⲵєњᆙᆀੇ˛ dài ᡤ v. 2A Ԇᡤ⵬䮌ˈԆⲴကကнᡤDŽ to put on (accessories, together with hats, ཆ䗩࡞བྷ仾ˈ֐ᴰྭᡤњᑭᆀࠪ৫DŽ rings, and so on. ) (reduplication: ᡁ⋑ᡤ㺘ˈ哫✖֐੺䇹ᡁ⧠൘ࠐ⛩Ҷ˛ A(а)A) ྩ俆侠 VKԁXVKujewellery) ᙫᱟ∄ᡁᡤᗇཊDŽ 䘉њ֐ᡤ(а)ᡤⴻˈௌ⅒ੇ˛ word: Ԇᑖ⵰аᶏ㣡৫५䲒ⴻᴻ৻, 㣡 no longer inevitably decking his physique. ӺཙԆԜ㔃ႊ, ྩཤкᡤ⵰ 㣡, Ԇ㜨ࡽҏᡤ⵰㣡, 㣡 on them. cì ⅑ mw. biàn 䙽 mw. 2A instances (verbal degree note) occasions (describing the repetition of an motion; stressing that an motion happens from the start to the top, related to a direction) (reduplication: AA, а A а A, а A ৸а A) 䛓њ⭥ᖡᖸᴹ᜿ᙍˈԆⴻҶє䙽DŽ Ԇ⋑ᴹੜ៲ˈቡ৸ੜҶа䙽ᖅ丣DŽ ᡁ䘉ᱟㅜй䙽ⴻ䘉њ⭥ᖡҶˈⵏྭⴻDŽ 䘉Ӌ≹ᆇԆᐢ㓿߉Ҷࠐ䙽Ҷˈਟᱟ䘈⋑ᴹ䇠տDŽ Ԇа䙽䙽/ а䙽а䙽/ а䙽৸а䙽ൠ㓳Ґ߉ 䛓Ӌ≹ᆇˈ⧠൘㓸Ҿ䜭Պ߉ҶDŽ 64 FǀQJPLQJ 㚚᰾ cì ⅑ mw. 2A occasions (similar to 䙽, yet no longer emphasising the entire path, only bearing on the repetition of an motion) (reduplication: AAˈ а A а A, а A ৸а A) ᡁ৫Ҷа⅑ˈਟᱟ⋑ᴹ㿱ࡠԆDŽ Ԇ䘉ᱟㅜҼ⅑ᶕेӜҶˈка⅑ᱟҍᴸDŽ ᡁ㔉Ԇᢃ䗷ྭࠐ⅑⭥䈍ҶˈԆ䜭н൘DŽ ࡛ᘈҶਲ਼㦟ˈаཙй⅑ˈ⇿⅑є⡷DŽ Ԇа⅑⅑/ а⅑а⅑/ а⅑৸а⅑/ ൠᶕ᢮ ྩˈਟྩቡᱟнᜣ㿱ԆDŽ huí എ mw. 1A occasions (similar to ⅑, yet casual) (reduplication: AA, а A а A, а A ৸а A) 䘉њ୶ᓇᡁᶕ䗷аഎDŽ ԆُҶᡁⲴҖˈᡁ㾱ҶྭࠐഎԆ䜭⋑䘈 (huán, to return)DŽ 䘉ᱟሿ⦻ㅜаഎ৫◣བྷ࡙ӊDŽ 㠚Ӿ∅ъԕਾˈᡁԜ䘎аഎ䶒䜭⋑㿱䗷DŽ Ԇаഎഎ/ аഎаഎ/ аഎ৸аഎൠ䇢䛓⛩‫ݯ‬һ ‫ˈݯ‬ᡁԜ䜭ੜ✖ (fán, to be frustrated) ҶDŽ tàng 䏏 mw.

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