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Download E-books The House of Bernarda Alba / La casa de Bernarda Alba: English / Spanish Text with Vocabulary and Notes (Methuen Student Edition) PDF

By Federico García Lorca

Literal translations with a few notes and heritage, in addition to the Spanish textual content. solid for transition from intermediate to complex spanish freshmen. for instance, after completing Spanish for analyzing (available on tracker), this is able to be tackled with success.
Bernarda Alba is a widow, and her 5 daughters are incarcerated in mourning together with her. one after the other they make a bid for freedom, with tragic results. Lorca's story depicts the repression of ladies inside of Catholic Spain within the years prior to the war.

Edited with valuable pupil notes - a needs to for college students of Spanish drama

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Oves me! MARTIRIO (desperate/y). sure. ADELA (coming c/oser). He ! oves me! He ! oves me! MARTIRIO . Puta knife in me in case you like, yet do not say that back! ADELA. 'That's why you need to cease me going with him. you do not care if he is going with a girl he does not ! ove. Neither do 1! He can spend 100 years with Angustias. yet for him to include me is anything you cannot stand, since you ! ove him too. You ! ove him! MARTIRIO (powerfu/ly). sure! Why should still 1 disguise my head in disgrace? enable my sour center burst open like a pomegranate! 1 ! ove him! ADELA (impu/sive/y, going to include her). Martirio, Martirio, i am not accountable. MARTIRIO. do not contact me! do not attempt to melt the hatred in my eyes! My blood is not any longer yours. 1 are looking to see you as my sister, yet 1 can simply see you as a lady. (She pushes her away. ) ADELA. there isn't any answer the following. Whoever needs to drown, needs to drown. Pepe el Romano's mine. he will take me to the rushes on the fringe of the water. MARTIRIO. 1 will not Jet it ensue! ADELA. 1 cannot stand the horror of this condo any longer, now not after realizing the flavor of his mouth. i will be no matter what he desires me to be. the total village opposed to me, burning me with their hands of fireplace, hounded by means of those that declare they're first rate, and in entrance of all of them i'm going to wear the crown of thorns that girls put on who're enjoyed by means of a married guy. MARTIRIO. Be quiet! ADELA. certain, convinced. (Quietly. ) Let's fall asleep. We'lllet him marry Angustias. 1 do not care any longer. yet i will visit a IIO III 1 THE condominium OF BERNARDA ALBA ACT 3 yo me iré a una casita sola donde él me verá cuando quiera, cuando le venga en gana. MARTIRIO . Eso no pasará mientras yo tenga una gota de sangre en el cuerpo. ADELA. No a ti, que eres débil: a un caballo encabritado soy capaz de poner de rodillas con los angeles fuerza de mi dedo meñique. MARTIRIO . No levantes esa voz que me irrita. Tengo el corazón lleno de una fuerza tan mala, que, sin quererlo yo, a mí misma me ahoga. ADELA. Nos enseñan a querer a las hermanas. Dios me ha debido dejar sola, en medio de l. a. oscuridad, porque te veo como si no te hubiera visto nunca. little apartment, on my own, the place he can see me at any time when he desires, whilst the necessity comes upon him. MARTIRIO . lt shan't occur so long as 1 have a drop of blood in my veins. ADELA. you will not cease me. you're a ways too vulnerable. 1 can convey a wild stallion to its knees with the energy of my little finger. MARTIRIO. do not bring up your voice. lt grates on me. My center is filled with an evil strength. regardless of myself, it truly is drowning me. ADELA . They educate us to ! ove our sisters. God ·must have deserted me within the center of darkness, simply because l'm seeing you as though 1 had by no means noticeable you sooner than. Se oye un silbido y ADELA corre a l. a. puerta, pero se le pone delante. A whistle is heard and ADELA runs to the door, yet MARTIRIO steps in entrance of her. 112 MARTIRIO ¿Dónde vas? ¡Quítate de los angeles puerta! MARTIRIO. ¡Pasa si puedes! ADELA . ¡Aparta! (Lucha. ) MARTIRIO (a voces). ¡Madre, madre! ADELA. ¡Déjame! MARTIRIO. ADELA. Aparece negro. BERNARDA. Sale en enaguas con un mantón Quietas, quietas. ¡Qué pobreza l. a. mía, no poder tener un rayo entre los dedos!

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