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By Troy Denning

In a last-ditch try to keep the realm of Athas from entire destruction, King Tithian enlists assistance from his former slaves--Rikus, Neeva, and Sadira--and embarks on a determined project. unique.

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The guy was once a corpse, with a swollen tongue sticking out from among his cracked lips and the hole expression of loss of life in his eyes. a grey pall lined his flesh, now not within the model of his inherent colour, yet like a silken shroud clinging to his dead beneficial properties. “It’s a wraith! ” Neeva yelled. Having fought comparable creatures through the battle with Urik, the warrior knew immediately that she used to be in hassle. Wraiths had no our bodies in their personal. as an alternative, they took keep watch over of different beings, reminiscent of the corpse ahead of her or the gold scorpion that had stung Rikus. She had even obvious them animate marble statues. The wraith introduced itself at her, the corpse’s fingers outstretched, and its filthy hands slashing at her eyes. Neeva swung her moment sword, twisting her entire physique to extend the strength of the blow. Her blade sank deep into the neck. there has been a pop because the head got here loose, however the corpse’s momentum carried it ahead. She stuck the brunt of its cost on her shoulder, then dived away and rolled. Neeva got here up dealing with her partners. Sadira persisted to kneel on the fringe of the line, conserving onto the rope to maintain her spell activated. Caelum was once simply charging previous the sorceress with a raised mace, whereas Rkard a couple of steps at the back of with Rikus’s sword clutched in either fingers. “Rkard, no! ” she yelled. Caelum’s purple eyes went large, and he spun round immediately, virtually impaling himself at the Scourge as his son crashed into him. He swept Rkard off the floor and commenced again up the line. A shiver rolled down Neeva’s backbone as a couple of chilly arms touched her neck. She raised a hand above her head and spun. As she came to visit, she introduced her arm down and trapped her assailant’s wrists among her elbow and physique. Neeva stumbled on herself staring right into a pair of sapphire eyes set right into a face of ghostly grey shadow that sat upon the stump of the corpse’s severed neck. The wavering visage used to be that of a sneering guy with a pointy chin, an arrowlike nostril, and hole cheeks. The boy! it commanded. even if the wraith’s lips moved whilst it spoke, no sound got here from them, and Neeva heard the phrases within her head. Borys instructions it! Neeva’s mouth went dry as she discovered that not just did her attacker resemble the creatures she had encountered through the conflict with Urik, it used to be one in all them. prior to their deaths one thousand years in the past, the wraiths had served as knights in Borys’s crusade to get rid of the dwarven race. they'd even fought at his facet while he had used the Scourge to mortally wound the final king of the dwarves, Rkard. Now, having again to their master’s carrier, that they had come to ruin Rkard’s namesake and inheritor, her younger son. “This time, Rkard shall no longer fall! ” Neeva yelled. nonetheless conserving the corpse’s forearms trapped underneath her elbow, the warrior plunged the sword in her loose hand into its abdominal. The weapon sank deep and precise, the end using up into the guts. Blood, chilly and darkish with loss of life, oozed from the wound. The useless factor easily raised its hands and clasped its palms round Neeva’s throat.

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