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By Elaine Cunningham

Exiled from her domestic, the attractive darkish elf Liriel Baenre wanders to the skin global along with her spouse Fyodor. yet even faraway from the darkish haunts of Menzoberranzan, she isn't really secure from the vengeance of her arch-enemy. while she and her pal sail the damaging seas of the Sword Coast, a drow priestess plots a bad destiny for them.
And within the depths of the earth, the spider queen Lolth weaves her personal webs of terror and treachery.

“Elaine is one in all my favourite authors. not anyone units a temper like she does, and her characters by no means fail to delight.” –Troy Denning, New York Times best-selling writer of Star Wars: destiny of the Jedi: Apocalypse

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Liriel’s face became grave. “I don’t understand. nobody has obvious him all day. He has been identified to move off by myself infrequently, yet he couldn’t have picked a worse time! some of the Elfmaid’s group are prepared to talk for you, yet their phrases aren't heard over the blathering of that wretched Ibn! ” “Hrolf’s first mate doesn't have a lot love for elves,” Xzorsh admitted. “Do tell,” Liriel agreed with a marginally of sarcasm. She had abundant evidence of that from her own event with the fellow, and she or he felt an unforeseen twinge of kinship with the captive and misunderstood sea elves. nevertheless, she herself used to be now not fullyyt definite the Ruathen’s accusations have been unfounded. She had come to consider Xzorsh as an best friend, maybe even a chum. but she have been raised to mistrust all of the reasonable races of elves, and her drow indoctrination had left its mark. “Why did you return to the island? ” she requested bluntly. “I heard the Elfmaid had disappeared. you recognize i'm pledged to guard Hrolf and his group. i wanted to understand he used to be secure. I additionally wanted to benefit how this kind of factor was once performed. ” Liriel tipped her head to at least one aspect as she thought of the ocean elf. To all appearances, he was once honest. but there has been whatever in his eyes—a contact of starvation, a touch of a few own agenda—that trigger alarms in her dark-elven brain. Her palms crept as much as her clerical image, and he or she silently forged the spell that might allow her to understand no matter if his causes have been extra heavily allied with relief or evil. having a look into Xzorsh was once a wierd experience—like being drawn deep into the center of a faultless gem. The features have been there so as to add curiosity, however the colour and substance inside of used to be in keeping with the skin attractiveness. Like Fyodor, this male used to be what he . The drow grew to become to Xzorsh’s buddy, whose boring eyes appeared her with a mix of worry and contempt. The final time she’d obvious this elf he’d hurled a spear at her; his disposition didn't appear to have stronger in the intervening time. yet as she forged the spell of information a moment time, she anticipated a short swim in his suspicious yet differently nobleminded depths. To her shock, the result of the spell have been something yet confident. A hideous picture popped into her brain: a fish-man creature with green-scaled pores and skin, black fins, and massive around eyes vibrant with malevolence. A nimbus of vicious, sadistic power crackled round the creature—the air of secrecy of natural evil. “Sittl, no! ” Xzorsh’s despairing cry tore Liriel loose from the stressful spell. She blinked, focusing in at the sea elf’s sullen yet another way good-looking face. A second handed ahead of she learned that his eyes have been dry and stuck, his respiring a slightly perceptible gasp. “He is dying,” the ranger stated, and his eco-friendly eyes pleaded with the drow. As Liriel met his gaze, she all of sudden learned that Xzorsh was once having a look none too good, both. The drow snatched up the empty bucket and chanted the phrases to an easy spell. She upended it over Xzorsh’s head, sending a fall of life-giving water cascading over either the men. After a number of moments of this, the subconscious elf started to stir.

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