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By Tennessee Williams

The playwright dramatizes his reviews in Cape Cod through the pivotal summer time of 1940, whilst he met his first nice love and overtly stated his homosexuality.

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August nods. ] good, i used to be a firefly till—Bugsy retired me for his own, inner most use. AUGUST: Jesus. CLARE: certain. Christ. —Well, now you recognize. What’s turn into of Kip? AUGUST: Swam as much as the Lighthouse aspect whereas I got some—professional viewers . . . CLARE: undesirable as mine? AUGUST: —Probably—not particularly . . . [Pause. ] CLARE: stay up for Kip. I’m going again to the wharf. [August nods with out her. The sky is fading. He sits down at the platform. ] AUGUST: The night grew deeper with nightfall and—still I waited and waited. eventually i assumed i'd spend the evening by myself with the ocean and my silver victrola. Well—there will be the next day to come. In these days I knew that there will be tomorrows. . . . i'll purely see the turning beam of the lighthouse. proposal probably Kip may perhaps listen me if I shouted! Kip! —Kip, good day, Kip! [Not Kip, however the service provider Seaman responds, showing at the upstage dune. ] AUGUST [quietly]: Christ . . . SEAMAN: misplaced your boy? AUGUST: Now what's it? What do you need this time? SEAMAN: I’m no longer gonna beat you up. AUGUST: No, you’re too under the influence of alcohol. [He sits down at the platform, his again to the lurching strategy of the Seaman. The Seaman sits beside August. After a couple of moments he says huskily:] SEAMAN: Las’ evening you desired to fuck me. AUGUST [wearily]: definite. yet you desired to fuck me and that i couldn’t accommodate you that manner, Spud. SEAMAN: this night I’m too inebriated to fuck you, child. AUGUST [with a brief, harsh laugh]: I wouldn’t dream of disputing the problem with you, Spud. [Pause: the nightfall deepens. ] SEAMAN: so that you can fuck me for an additional fin and a drink. —Okay? ’Sat a deal? [Pause. ] AUGUST: convinced, I reckon—we’ve made a deal this time. [There is a valid of the surf. ] DIM OUT half SCENE ONE The set is equal to partly One. An actress seems to be at the upstage dune, a headscarf protecting her face. ACTRESS [in a thunderously resonant voice]: the place is he? What a part of the backyard? [August is dimly visible emerging within the shack and crossing to the door. ] No, no, i need him to copy it to my face! [August steps off the porch to confront her. ] There you're, you under the influence of alcohol little bastard! What was once it you stated I did in your goddamn play? AUGUST [quietly yet clearly]: I stated that you simply pissed on my play. ACTRESS: are available in my residence and repeat that during the presence of witnesses. My attorneys will haul you to courtroom for defamation of personality, own undefined. They’ll sue you for each fucking cent you’ve begged, borrowed, or stolen, you gutter rat, you impertinent walleyed little—come in the home! Say it. Shout it! good, no guts? Are you scared to? AUGUST: No. We either have braveness, yet I’ll no longer input that leprosarium with you. ACTRESS: Ho ho ho! Ho ho! AUGUST: Are you taking part in Santa Claus now? Is it a greater half for you than that of the determined girl you travestied this night? ACTRESS: There’s an extension cell. Bobby! No . . . Tony . . . no . . . Archie! deliver that extension telephone. i will get him for defamation of personality the following within the backyard. braveness, have you ever? Then handle my attorneys. Repeat the scurrilous fees you made opposed to me to them.

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