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Download E-books Pathfinder Chronicles: City of Strangers (Pathfinder Chronicles Supplement) PDF

By James L. Sutter

  • In the outcast urban of Kaer Maga, your corporation is your personal, and no ware is simply too risky or taboo to discover a shopper. in the partitions of the traditional, ruined castle, refugees and criminals from each state disappear into the crowds of gangs and monsters.
  • Leech-covered bloatmages haggle with Sweettalkers — spiritual zealots who stitch their very own lips close — whereas naga crime lords squeeze self-mutilating troll prophets for cover cash. And those are only the citizens, now not the fearsome beasts slightly inside the mysterious dungeons underneath the streets, held at bay by means of the elite rangers often called the Duskwardens. Welcome to the town of Strangers, a haven of freedom and independence for all — presuming you survive.
  • Inside this finished, 64-page sourcebook you’ll locate every little thing you want to find out about operating a online game in Kaer Maga, together with info and amazing destinations for all eleven districts; a heritage of the town, and the weird ruined monument that homes it; info at the numerous gangs and factions in the urban; a layer-by-layer consultant to the dungeons underneath the town, and the echoes of misplaced races and magic that also shield them; plus new monsters, magic goods, feats, and more.

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