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By F. Wesley Schneider

  • Enter the shadow-cloaked realm of Ustalav, the seat of horror within the Pathfinder crusade environment. right here, accursed Counts vie for energy over terror-torn lands of poser and darkish legend, perpetually laid low with terrifying creatures of the evening and the everlasting curses of a haunted previous. within the shadows of either towns and wilds prowl vampires and werewolves, whereas ghosts and worse lurk amid the ruins of glories squandered some time past. the following, superstition, fortune-telling, and deals with darkish powers carry sway over folks that understand all too good to not enterprise out at evening.
  • Learn what horrors lurk in Ustalav's shadows during this in-depth consultant to the mysterious realm, in addition to harrowing investigations into its so much notorious ruins and haunted homes.

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Whereas the country’s humans shun innumerable websites of neighborhood miseries and misfortunes, these right here quantity one of the maximum scars aff licting the Ustalavic countryside—those locations whose miseries develop larger and extra malignant yr after 12 months. fireplace stories paint frightened photographs of those destinations, their grim masters, the easiest identified in their shadowy citizens, and the unexplainable issues that hang-out their halls, yet few declare to have truly ventured nearby of those grim edifices. therefore, revelations past the scattered information gathered herein watch for discovery via destiny bands of the courageous and foolhardy. Bastardhall everlasting Bastion of Blasphemies grasp: Caydserris Arudora (LE male human oracle 15) population: maintain: Daughter of Urgathoa (Ryhasphinea), dullahans, gorgons, skeletons, wraiths; Lake: Grindylows, scrags, water orm (Voldrak); Towers: Daemons, devourers, lich (Irrokcis), vargouilles; Vaults: Angel (Cevairiel), ghost (Lord Eragayl Arudora), golems, gugs Hauntings: The ghost bridge of Laroba, fallen villagers of Maiserence, the spilt blood of Bastardhall, Shelyn’s warnings, unearthly tears Woe to these in whose veins f lows the blood of Bastardhall, for each drop is a sanguine hyperlink in immortal bindings neither age nor soreness needs to ever be allowed to rust. What occurred at fortress Arudora in 4213 ar was once bad yet rapid. it all started the evening a scullery maid whispered of admitting a stranger wearing a swaddled package into Lord Raudltz Arudora’s library, and of the way that stranger bore a surprising resemblance to the centuries-old statues of the family’s nobly armored patriarch, the misplaced paladin Lord Eragayl Arudora. the next day seven messengers raced from the fortress with summons for the family’s such a lot far away relatives. but what urgency caused the decision, none might ever understand. fifty eight Legends and Hauntings Bastardhall towers and feed upon all who input the mist, and that those that draw close to and hear on the cursed earth may possibly consider a bad thrum, as of relentless drums within the depths or the pulsing of a huge center. Few will ever recognize the reality of what lies in the halls, one of the towers, or buried underneath the cellars of the accursed citadel, yet back the time attracts shut, and shortly the black trainer will carry a brand new iteration of Bastardhall’s scions domestic once again. there amid their very own extradimensional sanctuaries, and unleashed terrors from the planes to curve the estate’s halls and hunt its citizens. Silent and mysterious, the halfpreserved wreck of Casnoriva nonetheless stands, although masterless magics forever conflict round its f loating stone towers. fort Corvischior Laboratory of the Vampire count number grasp: Conte Ristomaur Tiriac (LE male human vampire aristocrat three/ fighter eleven) population: Alchemist slaves, carnivorous blob, derro, gargoyles, ghosts, nosferatu (Ramoska Arkminos; see Pathfinder event direction #47), vampire spawn Hauntings: The spectres of the Tiriac relations servants, blasphemous alchemical errors, failed researchers Casnoriva Academy of Arcane madness Masters: Kaltestrua (CE lady marilith sorcerer 7) and Mistress Qais (CN lady human ghost wizard 14) population: Demons, ghosts of wizards and apprentices, sceaduinar, quite a few golems Hauntings: Spirits of slain citizens, magical protections and wards that blur the road among traps and haunts around the lake from the county seat of Varno stands the fort of Corvischior.

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