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Download E-books Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Pathfinder Society Field Guide PDF

By Mark Moreland, Larry Wilhelm

  • This convenient reference comprises every little thing an adventuring agent of the Pathfinder Society must live to tell the tale within the wild and wooly international of Golarion. From tips about info networks and mystery orders in the Society itself, to new gear and how one can use your Pathfinder training to release certain personality talents, the Pathfinder Society box Guide is a hundred% felony for play within the foreign Pathfinder Society prepared Play shared global crusade, and is a useful reference for gamers and GMs alike.

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Undead hang to an unnatural life past dying, fueled by way of robust unfavorable feelings like worry or rage, pushed through a constant starvation, or cursed to their nation due to foul necromancy that magically manipulates the legislation of existence and demise. With such a lot of Pathf inder missions targeting the exploration of historical tombs and misplaced towns, undead are probably the most universal foes an agent can anticipate to come across within the f ield, and produce with them a bunch of targeted demanding situations. Many are the unlucky Pathf inders who've sought to raid an historical and cursed tomb, purely to f ind themselves slain and raised because the most modern guardians of the forbidden vault. dad or mum useless: The least disruptive undead (although no much less evil than others) are these created to protect a site—this is the commonest function for such things as skeletons and zombies. mum or dad useless may also contain extra robust creatures, even though, like mummies and wights. usually, these kind of undead could be escaped just by retreating—the mum or dad useless don't usually go away their publish. a lot of them have the extra drawback of being quite unintelligent or thoroughly nonintelligent, making it more straightforward to distract or in a different way control them, yet one needs to take care, for what may perhaps appear like a comparatively risk free zombie can be a even more robust entity like a wight. Pathf inders are probably to come across mum or dad useless in tombs, dungeons, and distant ruins. Hungry lifeless: This class of undead contains ghouls, vampires, and different undead pushed to hideous hungers, thirsts, or different once-biological wishes that experience now been perverted and twisted into whatever unnatural. The hungry lifeless might be insidious, for sometimes they merge willing and smart intellects and strong magical skills with their wish to feed at the residing, and will be particularly cellular of their territories. The hungry lifeless are probably to come across Pathf inders on missions in city components. Vengeful useless: This wide classification covers undead who go back from demise as forces of vengeance. greater than the other kind of undead, those monsters Society feedback A cleric’s therapeutic spells, the channel power classification skill, and feats like flip Undead are the easiest bets opposed to the horrors of the stressed lifeless. different periods may help to boot, fairly those that decide to concentration their components of craftsmanship on slaying undead— paladins, rangers with undead as their favourite enemy, and necromancers are noticeable applicants for those rolls. opposed to the stressed useless, one may still keep away from utilizing mind-affecting results or assaults that require Fortitude saves (such as poison). Rumors that every one undead can take devastating blows with no damage are false—a well-placed blow to an undead’s physique might be simply as severe as one positioned opposed to a dwelling foe. Incorporeal undead like ghosts and wraiths pose a signif icant problem, as nonmagical assaults have little influence on those bodiless monsters. opposed to such foes, ghost contact guns and strength results paintings top, yet for brokers on the cheap, abundant provides of holy water paintings wonders.

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