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The handbook of Engineering Drawing has lengthy been known because the pupil and working towards engineer's consultant to generating engineering drawings that conform to ISO and British criteria. the data during this ebook is both appropriate to any CAD software or handbook drawing. the second one variation is totally based on the necessities of the recent British regular BS8888: 2002, and may aid engineers, academics and scholars with the transition to the hot standards.

BS8888 is totally in line with the appropriate ISO criteria, so this e-book is usually excellent for a global readership. the excellent scope of this publication encompasses subject matters together with orthographic, isometric and indirect projections, electrical and hydraulic diagrams, welding and adhesive symbols, and information on tolerancing.

Written via a member of the ISO committee and a former collage lecturer, the handbook of Engineering Drawing combines up to date technical accuracy with transparent, readable factors and diverse diagrams. This procedure makes this an excellent pupil textual content for vocational classes in engineering drawing and undergraduates learning engineering layout / product design.

Colin Simmons is a member of the BSI and ISO Draughting Committees and an Engineering criteria advisor. He was once previously criteria Engineer at Lucas CAV.

* totally in accordance with the most recent ISO Standards
* A textbook and reference advisor for college students and engineers excited by layout engineering and product design
* Written by means of a former lecturer and a present member of the suitable criteria committees

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