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By Simon Gray

Two brothers percentage the home they grew up in, after which percentage the girl they either love. they've got a daughter, yet who's the daddy? Spanning thirty years and providing a brand new slant at the everlasting triangle, Simon Gray’s humorous, sardonic new play Japes is pushed through involuntary cruelties, destructive injuries of destiny of the bad ravages of time.

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JASON. reliable. since you shouldn’t. Nor should still he. He shouldn’t marry you. So cease fretting and revel in your fucking. ANITA. And what approximately you? JASON. Oh, by no means brain me, I’m out of it besides, precisely as we agreed. in general I’m going to variety myself out, it’s time – (Nods. ) may well even depart, far-off to – to the tropics, set myself up as a college prof. Write my very own novel. And it won’t be draft after draft after draft, it’ll be like Mummy’s riding – zoom! I’ll zoom over the completing line. think me? ANITA (shakes her head, kisses him). You’re bloody dead, that’s what you're, Japes. JASON. I’ve had my makes use of, although, haven’t I? (Strokes her breast. ) ANITA (shudders). Ooh, don’t, don’t, Japes. JASON. You’re this kind of – this type of kitten, you're. That’s why we like you actually. simply because we like kittens. And you’re the single one we’ve received. Purr. cross on. Purr for me. ANITA makes mild purring noises, rubbing her breast opposed to his hand. JASON. Oh – oh, shit, Neets. (Takes her in his palms. ) They kiss passionately. JASON. Come on then, come on, we will be able to do it – ANITA. We can’t! after all we can’t! JASON. If he stops, we’ll cease – ANITA shakes her head. JASON. Why now not? You haven’t misplaced your nerve – ANITA. hear, Japes – now pay attention. (Stares at him intensely. ) What if i am getting pregnant? JASON. What! What do you suggest, you’re at the tablet. ANITA. nonetheless – it occurs. It relatively does. So what if i am getting pregnant, Japes? JASON. good – good, don’t fear, we’ll pay for it – one in every of us. Or either one of us, come to that. ANITA. No, you wouldn’t, neither of you. simply because I’d by no means have an abortion, by no means. JASON. Oh, good then, if it’s a woman I’ll have it. If it’s a boy, Mychy will get it. (Takes her in his hands back. ) ANITA. the item is, Japes – I’m overdue. JASON. What? overdue? ANITA. certain, overdue. quite a lot past due, in actual fact. you notice. JASON. Oh. good, what the hell – they start to make frantic love. Typing above stops. They proceed. Sound of footsteps upstairs. They turn into without warning acutely aware. ANITA. Oh, Christ! (Leaps up, dashes out via entrance door. ) Sound of MICHAEL coming downstairs. JASON attempting to think dopey place. Sound of ANITA remaining entrance door as: MICHAEL enters. MICHAEL. hello. JASON. Oh, hello. (Stirring himself. ) You glance – what do you glance? remodeled. Fulfilled. MICHAEL. convinced, good, abruptly – floodgates – floodgates back – sorry approximately all that stuff – (Little chortle. ) – don’t understand what bought into me – yet Christ, (Sniffing. ) you’ve been going at it, Japes – truly I had a few inspiration she was once right here, looked as if it would listen the bell at some point soon. JASON. No. totally no bell. I’d have heard it. there's a ring on the door. JASON. How’s that for timing? MICHAEL is going in the direction of door as sound of door, off, establishing. MICHAEL (off). hello, Anita, hello, hello, hello! ANITA. hello. Little pause, then off. MICHAEL and ANITA. One – – and oops-a-daisy! One – – and oops-a – JASON flinches. Scene 5 years later. ANITA is mendacity rumpled at the couch. JASON is straightening out his outfits. There are pages of a student’s essay scattered approximately. ANITA. Are you alright? JASON. definite, definite, thank you, Neets.

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