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Download E-books Elementary Korean: Second Edition (Audio CD Included) PDF

This is a finished and unique introductory Korean textbook and language studying package.

Korean is now the fifteenth most well liked language taught at American universities. This new version of trouble-free Korean, the main accomplished and distinct introductory Korean textbook to be had, bargains starting freshmen of Korean every thing they should study the language successfully. excellent for a first-year university-level path use or for the self reliant language learner. No past wisdom of the language is important.

The new layout, now with dozens of illustrations, provides Korean vocabulary and Korean grammar in an available and comprehensible demeanour whereas huge conversations and workouts support to enhance the Korean language and construct studying and listening comprehension.

This version includes:

  • An MP3 audio CD and devoted website.
  • wealthy and hugely nuanced examples with fresh illustrations.
  • targeted yet on–technical grammar notes, plentiful writing workouts with an accompanying solution key.
  • exact examples of genuine dialogue.
  • hugely technical grammar notes.
  • lots of writing practice.

Dialogues, studying texts, and written routines are in Hangul, the Korean alphabet, so scholars are speedy capable of learn and write genuine Korean. Layered classes are designed to construct on one another, making Korean effortless to profit from the preferred introductory Korean language textbook on hand. incorporated is a revised audio CD that is helping rookies to talk like a local, and an internet perform part during the college of British Columbia which may support scholars to benefit Korean even past the pages of this ebook. in keeping with the trendy Language organization, enrollment in Korean in American universities is growing to be swiftly.

on hand individually is the significant other Elementary Korean Workbook. this useful workbook will help you in training and sprucing your Korean language talents. each one lesson vitamins the corresponding lesson within the textbook. There are ten actions in keeping with lesson, providing quite a number workouts and perform possibilities to show you how to in attaining skillability in daily, conversational Korean.

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He reports politics, too. On that student’s table there's a workstation. And he regularly cleans his room very fresh. What matters are you studying? What’s your significant? On Sunday, I often visit church. occasionally i'm going alone. You can’t pass there through plane. i do know! Come speedy! Please head to the appropriate at that church. I don’t have loads of time. What international languages are you aware, Mr. Ch’oe [최]? Do you converse English? We study English from [with] this textbook. 8/24/12 10:44:11 AM 132 LESSON 8: Aren’t you taking the other matters? workout 7: Korean to English Translation Translate the subsequent sentences into English. 1. 의사 선생님은 텔레비전을 안 보세요. 애들도 안 봐요. 2. 우리집 개는 공원에서 안 놀아요. 늘 집에 있어요. 참 착해요. three. A. 고양이 있으세요? 커요? B. 좀 작아요. A. 다른 고양이들이랑 같이 자주 놀아요? B. 네, 그런데 고기를 많이 먹어요. 그리고 우유도 많이 마셔요. four. 보통 버스로 다녀요. 빨리는 못 가요. five. 호텔은 미국 대사관 바로 맞은 편에 있어요. 우리 집 바로 옆에 있어요. 6. 우리 남편은 편지를 잘 안 써요. 7. 여자 친구는 집에서 뭘 해요? eight. 오 선생님은 서울에 기차로 가세요. 저녁에는 항상 친구 집에 가요. nine. 저희 아버님은 매일 어머님이랑 같이 산보하세요. 10. 요즘 우리 집에서는 호주 교환학생 한 명이 살아요. 늘 공부해요. eleven. 경희 씨는 언제나 일찍 일어나요. 그리고 늦게 자요. 12. 내 방은 보통 깨끗해요. 거기서 가끔은 공부해요. 그렇지만 도서관이 나아요. thirteen. 박 교수님 사모님하고 배 선생님 부인은 매일 점심을 함께 드세요. 14. 야구는 혼자서 못 해요. 먼저 친구들을 기다려요. 이 근처에서들 살아요. EK2_384pp. indd 132 8/24/12 10:44:11 AM LESSON nine 주말 재미있게 보냈어요? Did you have got a very good weekend? during this lesson you are going to methods to trade pleasantries and strike up a dating with a stranger. additionally, you will how one can discuss whatever you probably did long ago (over the weekend). additionally, you are going to examine other ways to assert like, find out how to exhibit needs are looking to, a brand new particle for and, and the purposive finishing -(으)러. Korean Dialogues discussion 1 whereas ready at Incheon overseas Airport on Sunday to satisfy a colleague flying in from Britain, Chris Murphy is approached through a Korean businessman ready within the comparable quarter. The businessman evidently thinks Chris has simply flown in and needs to perform his English. 1. 아저씨 어어—하우 두 유 두? 2. 머피 네? 아, 예. 안녕하세요? three. 아저씨 아이구! 한국말을 하시는군요. 한국에 처음 오셨어요? four. 머피 네, 그런데 사실은, 작년에 왔어요. 서울에서 살아요. five. 아저씨 그러세요? 무슨 일로 오셨어요? 6. 머피 사업 때문에 왔어요. 영국회사에서 일해요. 7. 아저씨 그러면 얼마 동안 계세요? EK2_384pp. indd 133 8/24/12 10:44:11 AM 134 LESSON nine: Did you might have an outstanding weekend? eight. 머피 글쎄요. 아직 모르겠어요. nine. 아저씨 미국분이세요? 10. 머피 아닌데요. 영국 사람이에요. eleven. 아저씨 아, 그러세요? 죄송합니다. 저도 방금 런던에서 도착했어요. 12. 머피 아, 예. 거기서 뭐 하셨어요? thirteen. 아저씨 저도 사업 때문에 다녀왔어요. 무역 회사에서 일해요. 여기 제 명함 받으세요. 언제 한번 연락하세요. They trade company playing cards and cross their separate methods. NOTES 네? Excuse me? or i urge your pardon? [Literally: convinced? this is often the way you ask in Korean for somebody to copy what they acknowledged. ] 한국말 하시는군요 Oh, I see you converse Korean! kinds in -는군요 point out a surprising, first consciousness. you'll research extra approximately them in a later lesson. 그러세요? particularly? or Is that so? this can be the well mannered honorific model of 그래요? 무슨 일로 on what kind of company? [Literally: on account of/by means of what subject? the total sentence quantities to: What brings you to Seoul? ] 얼마동안? [for] how lengthy? (pronounced: 얼마똥안) 언제 한번 a while or different. [Literally: it slow 언제 one time 한번. ] discussion 2 Chris Murphy is speaking to his secretary, leave out Lee, on the workplace. 1.

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