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Download E-books Draw 50 Aliens: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw UFOs, Galaxy Ghouls, Milky Way Marauders, and Other Extraterrestrial Creatures PDF

By Lee J. Ames, Ric Estrada

Alien fever is operating excessive: the Alien video clips and reissue of the celebrity Wars trilogy have made outer house attention-grabbing to an entire new new release of kids. And who higher to aid budding artists grasp their drawings of the pleasant people from the ultimate frontier than Lee Ames--creator of the phenomenally profitable Draw 50 series?

An perfect instrument for younger artists or the dad or mum or instructor looking to aid a baby grasp their inventive abilities, Draw 50 extraterrestrial beings comprises creatures from each stroll of the galaxy: Ames supplies directions for drawing UFOs, Nebula Nomads, Milky method Marauders, and each different kind of extraterrestrial. And, within the culture of the Draw 50 sequence, all of those characters are funny, lovely, and extremely obtainable for children.

With over million copies in print, the Draw 50 sequence has effectively proven teenagers the way to create every little thing from a robin to a spaceship, Tyrannosaurus rex to John the Baptist. yet with Draw 50 extraterrestrial beings, Ames has--perhaps as by no means before--hit upon a deeply beautiful topic, person who faucets into children's feel of ask yourself and should continue them ceaselessly entertained and endlessly sketching away.

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SOW WERP OOSS Mean-tempered creature pronounced noticeable close to Groom Lake, Nevada. domestic unknown. GLAMM OORG EARLGREY visitor additionally from Fum al Samakah. Feeds on tea-like nutrient. PEARL AND mom OF PEARL Fum al Samakah Pearl Greys. GREEPY CRAWLER gray Tiny multiped obvious crawling off foot of Sow Werp Ooss. GALAXY GHOULS GABBA GHOUL Ham actor from theater advanced in Orion. GHOUL AHH SHIZZ Doomed hiker from unknown frozen sector. GHOUL DRINKA WATR Naïve princess of stripling Naos planet. HUHN GHAR YINGHOUL ASH Peppery vacationer from Thuban’s fourth planet. NEBULA NOMADS AH YAMMAFAH RUNNER Champion long-distance runner from local of Betelgeuse. RYE DIMM DA-OOBUOY Herder of the Porrima celebrity system’s nutrition conveyors. ROHV INGG KA-OOBUOY Assistant to Rye Dimm Ka-oobuoy. HOPP AHLONG KAZZADEECH final pleasant nomad from unknown celebrity procedure saw within the Bronx, big apple. KRIMM INILK ROOK An escaped, wandering thief from an unknown galaxy detention center. MULL TEEBEEDY AYZ Interloper from unknown galaxy. All-seeing nomad yet dim-witted! MILKY manner MARAUDERS PAH STYOOR AHYZZD “Purified” local of moon circling 3rd planet of Etamin. BUHTT URRM ILK light yellow segmented artful creeper from nebula NGC 2440. CAM M. undergo Foul-smelling tongue pointer from the Little Dumbbell nebula. MUTTZARR ELLAH Stringy parolee from a Tania Borealis penal complex. PAR MIZH AHN A relative of Muttzarr Ellah. FEYT AHCH EEZ An “old salt” from the El Nath superstar approach. P. CHIZZANK REEM Very friendly organism with a candy smile present in our galaxy. BUH TURB AWLL Noisy, fatty customer from considered one of Antares’ planets. GORGHONN ZOLA stinky, savory, spaced-out nanny. KUYRD ZINWAY cut up character from planet orbiting Angetenar. KAHFI YISE KREEM A luscious, keyed-up visitor from the neighborhood of the celebrity Vega. COSMIC MARAUDERS DEE PROOOTCANN AL The poor, toothy tickler from an unknown planet within the Eskimo nebula. NAYZZEL LIKKINHULK A savage from the surroundings of the Oort cloud. HAKK IMUPPIN WEEBITZ The terrible hacker from the Horsehead galaxy. GUNGALORE SENTIPEEDUS A “hired gun” from the constellation Cassiopeia. ETCs (EXTRATERRESTRIAL CURIOSITIES) OOMGLICK & GLOOMCLICK Orphans, fraternal, trunk-nosed twins, from locality of an unknown dwarf big name. WUNNEN FAWRIZZ TOOO Wunnens are notoriously terrible in mathematics. they're chanced on on this planet of Zosma. KAL AMATEE Pear-headed tramp with blunderbuss-like weapon. local of planet circling Nodus Secundus. significant DIZZ ASTIR Woeful spike-headed wimp from Tania Australis. GOFUDDL YIRDUDDL universal insulting driggo out of the Tejat Posterior. AITCH EYE JAYKAYE A domesticated Jaykaye; universal puppy present in the Little Dumbbell nebula. LAKOO KAROTSHA Tiny vermin pest unearthed on distant planet within the Crab nebula. GOGGLE GLEE & GOGGLE GLUM eco-friendly gobloons from Grus. STUMM EHKAKE A spike-necked gork from the constellation Aquarius. ELL LEMON OHPEE Far-out comic appearing in enjoyment park close to Yed earlier. ZKIPP TOOM ALLOO Homeless troubador from nebula in Orion.

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