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By Gregory Curtis

Within the spring of 1820, at the Aegean island of Melos, an unsuspecting farmer used to be digging for marble development blocks whilst he unearthed the statue that might grow to be referred to as the Venus de Milo. From the instant of its discovery a conflict for ownership ensued and was once received, ultimately, by means of the French. Touted by way of her keepers within the Louvre because the nice classical locate of the period, the sculpture won rapid celebrity–and but its origins had but to be documented or verified.

From the flurry of pleasure surrounding her discovery, to the raging disputes over her authenticity, to the politics and personalities that experience given upward thrust to her mystique, Gregory Curtis has given us a riveting examine the embattled legacy of a liked icon and a awesome tribute to at least one of the world’s nice artworks.

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