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Download E-books Adventurer's Vault: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement PDF

By Logan Bonner, Eytan Bernstein, Chris Sims

Hundreds and hundreds of recent guns, instruments, and magic goods in your D&D character.

This complement for the Dungeons & Dragons online game provides countless numbers of magic goods, guns, instruments, and different worthwhile goods to your D&D personality. no matter if you are a participant searching for a brand new piece of apparatus or a Dungeon grasp stocking a dragon's hoard, this e-book has precisely what you need.

The booklet encompasses a mixture of vintage goods up-to-date to the 4th version principles and brand-new goods by no means prior to obvious in D&D.

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Motive force A wagon’s driving force sits on the entrance of the wagon. The rider needs to carry the reins in not less than one hand in any other case the wagon is going uncontrolled. Load 4 Medium creatures; 4 hundreds shipment. uncontrolled An out-of-control wagon involves a cease at first of its flip. on the DM’s discretion, the wagon could proceed in a random course if the creatures that pull it are panicked or attacked. disguise An exposed wagon presents hide to its passengers and motive force. A coated wagon or carriage offers more desirable disguise to passengers inside of it. CH APTER 1 | apparatus Advnt_vlt_Ch1_Pgs4-31. indd 19 autos Longship 19 7/3/08 3:12:43 PM Vehicle Descriptions online game facts for those cars are offered above. equipment of Kwalish: This motor vehicle resembles a tremendous steel lobster. Kwalish, a wizard expert in structure and arcane engineering, outfitted the unique equipment to discover the sea depths and identify ties with sentient aquatic races. A hatch located underneath the apparatus’s tail opens into its hole relevant torso. This area holds chairs for a motive force and a passenger. The equipment is propelled magically via water of any intensity or present. it could traverse the swiftest rivers and descend to the depths of the sea ground. Airship: This vessel floats above the floor, held aloft by means of a balloon choked with magic gasoline. The balloon sits inside a wood or steel body, underneath that is a boat-shaped cabin that holds the staff, the passengers, and the shipment. even supposing such a lot airships are powered a magic propeller, a few resemble crusing ships and are pushed through magically created winds. An airship calls for a group of 5 (in addition to the pilot) to fly successfully. together with the fuel balloon, this vessel is eight squares lengthy, four squares broad, and six squares tall. Chariot: This two-wheeled conveyance is designed for strive against and customarily drawn via horses. a gentle chariot consists of a unmarried motive force and is pulled by means of one creature. A heavy chariot can hold as much as 3 passengers plus a driving force, and it truly is pulled by way of creatures. Greatship: This huge, immense send has 4 masts and will hold as much as 2 hundred Medium creatures. Greatships are frequently utilized in conflict to hold infantrymen. as well as the pilot, it calls for a workforce of twenty to GETTING there's part the thrill the first objective of such a lot autos and mounts is to permit a celebration to maneuver from position to put. although, the desktops’ trip plans may also supply how to convey the sport environment to lifestyles. Characters on their technique to an historic mountain preserve may well search to borrow or purchase horses from a close-by extended family of elves. in its place, the elves may perhaps provide them use of a number of ornithopters to aid the characters ascend the steep slopes. If the computers have to achieve an underwater spoil, having to acquire using sharks or an equipment of Kwalish makes for a colourful mini-quest and gives the promise of dynamic, underwater battles. better autos can function a base of operations, or they are often used as event destinations. A crusing send or an airship lower than assault makes for an exhilarating stumble upon.

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