The goal of this organization is to reach out to the community to educate and create awareness of the severe impact of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). The mission is to build ongoing programs, involve communities and establish both substantial partnerships and professional relationships with agencies or people. Minds Over Matter will also commit to fundraising for TBI research.

Those who suffer from brain injury are considered “different” and have a hard time living functionally for the rest of their lives. There are cases where patients overcome this obstacle and achieve their independence. Minds Over Matter strives to change these few cases into numerous ongoing success stories.

The organization is inspired by Bryan Steinhauer and his recovery. At 22, he suffered from a severe TBI. Doctors were unsure of his survival, but today with hard work and support he leads an independent and productive life. Now 29 years old, he is a certified public accountant and comes closer to achieving his goal of complete self–sufficiency everyday. Without the support of his family, friends, medical professionals and his community he would not be where he is today.

Minds Over Matter is his way to assure that other young adults recovering from TBI receive the same support. Bryan is an inspirational public figure and motivational speaker who wants to reach out to young adults suffering from disabilities from TBI. He will not accept his recovery as an exception and is establishing Minds in order to promote continuing medical victories.